2019 Essential Herbs

For Cilantro haters: SPICY OREGANO

Fresh herbs are the foundation for making simple delicious brain smacking food. Once you start using them it will cure even the most salt and MSG addicted of you. That said, not all herbs are created equal. There are many great forms of Oregano. This Hot and spicy version is versatile working well both in Italian and Mexican food. In fact for Mexican food this Oregano is an absolute revelation. 

About 10% of the population find Cilantro to have a soapy taste. Thankfully for them and me there is Spicy Oregano. Replacing Cilantro in salsa with this stuff will make even Cilantro lovers stray and fall in love with this. It’s that good. It is easy to grow, is a perennial and doesn’t flower until very late in the season. The only downside to growing this is you may kill it because you will be running out to the garden 16 times a day to grab another snippet of it.

Get starts of this here: https://www.monrovia.com/plant-catalog/plants/2731/hot-spicy-oregano/


This heirloom Greek Basil is a stunningly beautiful plant that grows in a perfect globe shape like in the picture from our front porch. The added bonus of this basil is it for the most part will not flower until late fall so it provides a seasons worth of sweet basil for cooking and garnish. Greek Basil is more potent than a Genovese variety so it is great for making basil oil too.

Get the seeds here: https://www.rareseeds.com/basil-greek-dwarf/