Anti GMO people are not anti science, we are anti corporate control of the food stream. To reiterate: We are anti corporate control of the food stream. PERIOD. The Media thinks anti GMO people are anti science. WRONG. We are anti corporate control of the food stream. Sorry for the redundancy but nobody seems to get in the press.

Do I need to say it again? GMO’s are patented life forms that will obliterate land race or farmer collected seed. US court precedent has ruled in favor of Monsanto (Bayer). Meaning if my varietal of corn whose seed I have collected for generations is polluted with patented pollen (DNA) from a neighboring farm I am no longer allowed to collect, save and reuse my seed because I no longer “own” it (ownership of open pollinated plants is foreign and antithetical to capitalist farming). Monsanto has proven ad nauseam in court that they prevail and control any and all life forms containing the DNA of their patented life forms. This has virtually eliminated seed savers (a small but essential subset of farming like honey bees or horse shoe folk for that matter).

This is where the Grateful Dead comes back into the picture. (Sorry for the non sequitur but this is stub from a larger private article)

Those tomatoes that Jerry said he loved so much in those GD board meetings are now the property of Monsanto/Bayer.

Those tomatoes that we’re worthy of shipping overnight to points unknown? Those tomatoes when confronted by the CFO of GDP Jerry said; “have you tasted those tomatoes.” Yeah, Monsanto/Bayer owns those very same tomatoes now.

A tomato in a small way represents the very kernel of the beginning of the real food / slow food movement in the USA (Chez Panisse).

Ill go out on a limb here and say the Early Girl is a new “heritage tomato” tomato (it spawned a paradigm shifting change in farming here in America not unlike what Masanobu Fukuoka did with his seminal book “the One Straw Revolution.” But Early Girl unlike Brandywine, San Maranon or Zebra this tomato is owned by a corporation and thus owns you. Monsanto/Bayer could have continued to make Early Girl available to organic farmers but in a kind FUCK YOU treated the seed with a non-organically certified chemical. Johnny’s Seeds who had the last cache of non-treated seed has run out. Mark Lipson (co founder of Molino Creek Farming collective, first full time employee of CCOF and the first Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Policy Advisor in the Office of the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture (until late 2014) would have something to say about that. We have profound shit happening right now that will turn the clock back 100 years. Time for GD community to act up and protect our future… There are some admiral hacks like New Girl and Dirty Girl that try to replicate the taste, love and platonic ideal of the Early Girl but why? Let’s take ownership of our past and future. Early Girl isn’t just a tomato; she represents the future world we will all have to live in.