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If you have 2 cubic feet of space you have enough to create an abundant salad or herb garden. Fresh herbs are expensive at the market but can make an explosive difference in the taste of your food. You will also get the added benefit of seeing daily changes in how things grow and change. Even if you have an office job and feel like life is a grind this simple start will make you feel directly connected to the circle of life and provide everlasting wonderment.

You can start small or have us help you plan out a victory garden that will feed you and your entire family. Get your neighbors involved and you can make your own mini neighborhood CSA. Say you grow root vegetables and legumes while your neighbor grows tomatoes and another one grows peppers. We take care of crop rotation to ensure success on a ongoing basis

For anything outside of 8 cubic feet we recommend using a drip system to maximize water use. In addition if you are eliminating lawn for a vegetable garden EBMUD provides rebates for converting over to a vegetable garden

We provide different levels of service. If you want us to come in and set it up, pick it and deliver it to your doorstep(s) we can do that for you.

Cost will vary widely. We provide DIY plans for those who just want something simple and then add different layers of service depending on how engaged you want to be. For someone who just wants to set up a simple herb or salad garden the total cost is typically less than $10 if using upcylced materials

It’s a combination of what you like, what you will get the most value of and what will grow in your particular location.

We provide starts and seeds. We use a combination of our own starts and those we have contracted out for. We like to focus on tasty varieties that you can’t get at a farmers market or grocery store

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