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01. services

design & planting

What is involved in turning your water sucking landscape into a edible one

We provide DIY plans for free for the square foot gardner but also offer a complete managed service solution that is tailored to the needs of the individual. Some people just want to be set up, others want ongoing support 

02. services

irrigation and garden care

We provide ongoing maintenance and support of your edible landscape including picking and delivery

This isn’t for the DIY person per se but same rules apply. To minimize impact and save resources you will want to have a modern drip irrigation system installed. In addition it will require minimal ongoing maintenance. If you have an existing garden and just want irrigation installed we can do that too

03. services


To minimize environmental impacts we a “flexible” install drip irrigation system that will keep your garden thriving

We can provide harvesting of the fruits of your labor if you so decide. If multiple neighbors have banded together to create a master garden plan we can handle dividing and delivering those fruits. In addition to keep the garden producing we handle crop rotation by using starts to help you keep food on the table