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Tupelo Gardens produces specialty produce for it’s partner Roux Dumaine, community educational purposes and provides consulting to those seeking to turn grass turf into food at their homes

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From Planning To Harvest

design & planting

What is involved in turning your water sucking landscape into a edible one


garden care

We provide ongoing maintenance and support of your edible landscape including picking and delivery

Harvest | rotation

To minimize environmental impacts we a “flexible” install drip irrigation system that will keep your garden thriving

a few words about us

Tupelo Gardens started off as an experiment to produce food in a outdoor setting using inexpensive up-cycled materials. It has been so successful that it now produces enough specialty produce to supply a catering company, the neighborhood and of course ourselves

The goal of this was to demonstrate to community members particularly those who live in food deserts how they could make small salad gardens for no cost leveraging city and county community resources. 

HOW WE Started



Our experiments began by using what are known as “fish coffins” in the food business. Large 2 cubic foot styrofoam containers. Styrofoam lasts forever and is stable (doesn’t leach) unless it is heated to melting. We also use recycled redwood, metal rain gutters and more.



Ever wonder what happens to all that waste you put in compost bins? It gets made into compost and then mixed with sand and other ingredients to create a rich compost and potting soil. It’s free to use (in limited quantities) for residents.


Shaping and fixing

We texture the styrofoam so it looks like concrete. We then apply a coat of non VOC latex based paint to make it look pretty.


Garden currently

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