The Tupelo Honey harvest for 2018 is the very best in at least 30 years, maybe ever. Tupelo trees only flower for about a 2-3 week period in April and May. Also because the trees grow along swamps, rivers and other wetlands tending to the bees is difficult. Most years the harvest is not very good or the purity is low. The honey we bought this year was tested at 85% (by law it is only required that it be 51% to be labeled Tupelo). If you have time you can see how pure your honey is because Tupelo honey will not crystalize for years. The reason for this is Tupelo contains a very high fructose content instead of sucrose. Tupelo is a light very high grade unfiltered honey that has a wonderful floral scent to it and is slightly fruity. It is very clean tasting (meaning focused) and easy to understand why it is so reverted.

Pure 2018 Tupelo Honey is still available from a few apiaries but it is running low.